Welcome to my new blog! My name is Keyone and I am your average Millennial. I have no idea what I ultimately want to do with my life and I am totally okay with that! It’s extremely normal to feel like you have no idea what direction you want to take your life. We were brought up during a time where there was vast technology advancements and booming small businesses. But we also witnessed one of the biggest recessions. As millennials, we are in a weird limbo place where we must choose do we want to live the traditional life or do we want to live a life filled with innovation and adventure. In this blog, I will be giving advice, going on adventures and trying out new fads to see if it’s really going to help you live your best life. One thing I can say about millennials, is that we are willing to risk it all if we feel like it is going to lead us to live the best life we possibly can. Are you ready to take this adventure with me?

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