Should I Go to Grad School?

I think all of us Bachelor degree graduates have asked ourselves this question once or twice during our journey through college. Should I go to Graduate school? Is it will it worth it? Will it help me increase my income if I get it? There are so many articles you can read on this topic. You can even take a quiz to see if you should go back! But are those resources really going to help you with your decision making? NO! Because, you are the only person who truly knows if you want to go back to school or not. For me personally, I always saw myself going to Graduate school. For what? I have no idea! Ever since I started school, I was obsessed with school. I know, I’m super flipping weird! However, when I was about to graduate with my Bachelors, I was not feeling school anymore. I was making dirt money at my current employer and I was sick and tired of having to work and go to school. I was burnt out! So when I received those rejection letters to the schools I applied to, I was relieved! I finally got the chance to make “real” money” once I graduated. Like many people do, I led down a career that I did not get my degree in. But I was making more than I would if I had accepted a job in the field I got my degree in. Four years later, I was filling like something was missing. Oh yeah! I still did not have my Masters! I researched and researched multiple programs and schools. I looked at how much of a financial burden it would be. I have very little debt from my Bachelor’s degree so I truly did not want to chose a program that would put me in a crazy amount of debt. After working in the corporate world for a couple of years, I found out that Communications was definitely the path I needed to go down. So I applied to an online program and was accepted! The program costs less than my Bachelors and I will be able to do all my work around my job hours. Once, I obtain my degree, I will be looking for jobs in consulting. It took me years to go back to school. I weighed the pros and cons of going back to school and the pros won! In certain professions, you definitely don’t need to get a Graduates degree. I truly felt like I needed to, due to the fact that I already was feeling burnout in my current job. Getting your Graduate degree is a huge step and cost so take your time in figuring out if this is something you really want to do. Everyone’s experiences and situations are different. Do your research before making any decision! I will keep you all updated on my journey!

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