Should I pay off my debt?

Everyone has asked themselves this question. The question always has different variations. Should I pay off my debt? Should I save first? Should I try to pay off debt and save? But how can I?! I HAVE NO MONEY! I feel you! Graduating with my first degree I really thought I was going to be making good money and could finally live the life I wanted. I was wrong! Entry level jobs after graduating college will barely allow you to pay the minimum payments on your student loans after cost of living. Having a massive debt hanging over you can be emotionally and physically draining. Many do not even know how much debt they are even in! I took a really close look at how much debt I was actually in. I really wanted to see how much money I spent each month paying off debts. Let me tell you…it’s a lot! And when I say my debts, I mean all of them! If you aren’t real with yourself, you will not have the sense of urgency to take action. But you came here to see whether you should pay off your debts are not. You did not ask about a personal testimonial. Paying off debts first versus saving depends on the person. Debt affects people in very different ways. If you have absolutely no money save, I suggest you save some money. If you have absolutely no money saved and an emergency comes up, you can fall deeper into debt. Once you have a good cushion of savings that you are comfortable with, go ahead and start aggressively paying off your debts. Having that emergency fund to back you up will put you at ease when you are putting large sums of money towards your debt. One major piece advice I have for us millennials, DO NOT IGNORE YOUR DEBT. IT DOES NOT DISAPPEAR. IT WILL JUST GROW!!! Ignoring debt your debt and letting it grow will effect your credit score. And you cannot move up in this world with bad credit!

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