I graduated…what now?!

Graduating from college is such a monumental moment in your life. All of your all nighter and tears have finally paid off? But has it really? We all have heard that question when we we graduate from college…”Well what are you going to do next?” I dreaded this question for months after graduating. Before I graduated from college, I had applied to over 30 jobs and only got on appointment for an interview. And guess what…the person called me back the next day and cancelled! I was feeling defeated and lost. I have always been a believer in working in the field that you got your degree in. Especially, since I majored in something so fun! Who doesn’t want to go to work everyday and have a blast! I was thankful enough that I had another opportunity be presented to me that I fell in love with. But not everyone is as lucky. Remember…somethings take time. Not everything happens overnight. We are a generation that does not like to wait for anything. We are all about speed and conveyance. Good things do take time and it could be so hard waiting when you see your friends shooting off into the corporate world. Good for them! Don’t ever compare yourself to other when it comes down to figuring out what you want to do once you have graduated. Taking your time in finding what you truly want to do is better than jumping into something that is not a good fit for you.

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