Am I doing too much?

I feel like we all have asked ourselves this question. Am I doing too much? Do I need to set new boundaries? Will limiting myself effect my future? We see people all around us over extending themselves to reach their goals. People are running themselves into the ground to accomplish all of their goals. But is running yourself into the ground the best thing to do? The answer is…NO! You will burn yourself out. The things that used to get you excited to get up every morning will soon become a burden. You will be exhausted and tired, which can lead you to give up. We all are eager to reach our goals in life and want to reach them as quickly as possible. Rushing yourself and killing yourself trying to achieve is not the answer. Once you reach your goals, you will be too exhausted to enjoy your achievements. But we saying no to things put your future in jeopardy? There is always someone who is willing to say yes when you say no. This is true. Someone who is in the same place as you could may be willing to kill themselves to reach the same goal. However, they will burn out or even give up before they hit their full potential. Work is an extremely importance part of our lives but it should not be the most importance. We only have one body and we need to make sure we are taking great care of it. And if it takes saying no to certain things to live a balance life, you have to. Do not let others opinions that certain opportunities will never come around again stop you. Living a life that you are content with is what is important.

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