New Year…Where to Begin?!

A new year has arrived! What should our goals be? I truly don’t even no where to begin. In a new year, you should always make goals for the new year. You should also take time out to also reflect on the previous year. Figure out what you enjoyed and what you hated. If you made any goals for the previous year, did you accomplish any of them? Did you have a major breakthrough? Did you fall completely flat? This is time you should be 100% transparent with yourself. This is the time and place to be real with yourself. It is the only way you are going to improve into the New Year. Start make some resolutions for yourself. Make sure your resolutions are well rounded. By well rounded, I mean do not make all of your resolution work related or solely finances. Make sure you through in some adventurous things in there! Working hard towards your goals is extremely important but you also need to have some fun in there. I truly have been back and forth with what I want my resolutions. I have maybe a solid three…but I am going to keep them to myself. I am extremely excited to see what 2020 has is store for me and I am ready to take everything head on. One thing I’m really going to work on is just being open and saying yes! I never want to look back and have any what ifs. WE ARE GOING TO HAVE NONE OF THAT! Only good vibez in 2020! LET’S GET IT!!!!

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