How do I reach my full potential?

As we get older our friend group becomes smaller and smaller. Some people are shook by it and some people embrace it. I definitely embrace having only a couple of friends. As you get older you begin to realize what you do and do not like. You also begin to realize what you will and will not deal with it. Have you ever broken up with a friend? OMG that ish is hard! However, if the friendship is not healthy and not good for you, boo boo, you gotta let that person go. If they cannot handle what you are telling them, then they truly do not need to be in your life anymore. 2020 is all about growth and living your best life. You cannot achieve that if you have some dead weight holding you down. Sorry it’s a little harsh but it’s the truth. Friends should want to build you up and what you to succeed. They should be your biggest cheerleader. If you mention your goals and dreams with them and they laugh at you or say you would never be able to make it. DROP THEM LIKE A HOT POTATO! They are only saying that because they wish they had the confidence to do it. The only way you are going to be successful in 2020 is by surrounding yourself with good people and you drop those who are non-essential in your life. So let’s make a deal that we are going to drop the terrible people in our lives and moving forward and having the best year of our lives!

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