What am I supposed to do?

Who would have thought we would be here right now? Not me! Residing in California, we have been on a Stay at Home order for almost two weeks. It would be a lie to say it hasn’t been a huge adjustment. These are times we could never envision. Our daily lives have been altered and there is no time on when things will get back to normal. So how should we occupy our times? Spring cleaning? Read some books? Learn a new skill? These are all great choices. One major thing you can do as well is reassessing your goals for this year. Let’s be real with ourselves in this moment. They are probably somethings on your list that you either will not accomplish in the next coming months or even in this year due to the recent circumstances. Alter and eliminate where you need to. Access if there is anything you can achieve on your list at home. If wanted of your goals was to hit the gym everyday, find some online workouts that are free! Create a chart so you can track your workouts and set an award for yourself once you hit a milestone. Don’t be hard on yourself either for not accomplishing what you wanted to do. You’ll get there trust me. It’s just going to take a little bit more time. This is the perfect time to start that one thing you have always wanted to. I know what mine is….being consistent with my blog! Isn’t that hilarious?! We are in this together!

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