Why haven’t I been productive?!

I know many of us have been asking ourselves this. With all this time on our hands…why haven’t we’ve been productive? We literally have nothing to do but we still cannot get anything done! Many of us had set this crazy goals for ourselves. Maybe you were going to start your fitness journey or you were going to reorganize your closet. But you know what…we cannot be hard on ourselves. This is a perfect time to actually relax. Many of us did not realize how caught up in the hustle and bustle we’ve been. Our lives were passing us by and we were allowing it to. This is the time to start enjoying the little things. Reflect on how you have been feeling besides the being stuck at home. Some may come to some realizations that some friendships you had were toxic or maybe you miss an activity you used to do but working a full time job made it difficult to fit in your schedule. One thing I actually really loved to do was read and listen to audio books. In the field of work I work in, it is impossible to listen to audiobooks. Also, reading on my breaks just makes people want to talk to me and ask me how I’m enjoying my book. I wouldn’t know Karen because you won’t let me read it! Take note of these things and think about how you can make adjustments in your everyday life to include them. Life is going to be abnormal for awhile. Let’s make some adjustments now to ensure we are living the best life to the best of your abilities.

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