Should We Make Resolutions for 2021?

2020 was definitely a year that no was expecting. Many of our goals and resolutions went out of the window on March 17. Going into 2021, things seem even more bleak. It can feel like we are just falling down an endless black hole. But should we let that get in the way of us trying to make the best out of this year? No! 2021 is time for us to reset and start moving forward on goals and resolutions we want to accomplish. 2020 was definitely a rough year but we must look at this new year as a new beginning. A fresh start to start the year off on our terms. Yes, things are perfect but there will never be a perfect time to start working towards your goals and resolutions. Let’s look at this year as a time to evaluate where we are at in our lives compared to where we want to be. Let’s come up with a plan on how we are going to get there. Are there some new routines you want to add into your daily life? How are we going to achieve breaking some fo the bad habits? Take time out of your days to jot down some things you would like to achieve in 2021. I say days because you want to put some thought into it. Rushing through the process may lead you not to be 100% honest with yourself. Take your time with this process. Do the research you need to do to figure out how you can obtain these goals and resolutions. A simple google search can unveil so information that can help navigate down the right path to success. If some of your goals and resolutions are measurable, create a chart or log that will help you track your progress. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be a simple bar graph or excel chart. It can be something as simple as writing it down on a handmade chart. You want to make sure your are constantly updating your progress. This will help you stay motivated in achieving your goals. Make sure you put in some time and thought when you are creating your goals and resolutions. You want to ensure that these are the areas you want to focus and grow in. Even though we know there will definitely be a light at the end of the tunnel but we still want to remain flexible in 2021. There is definitely no way to know how everything is going to play out. But as long as we stay flexible and optimistic we can achieve anything in 2021. So let’s put in the work so we can have the best year ever!

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