Grad School Now What?

Oh the aftermath of graduating from school can send you into a tailspin! You are wondering what should be your next move. If you are currently employed you wonder if you should leave your current employer to find a better job. But do we really need to rush into something new or begin a new adventure? Living during a time where hustling is glorified does not make this any easier. Instead of rushing into something new, how about you take a step back. For myself, I do not feel like I enjoy my accomplishments. I just move on to my next goal I want achieve. But how much better would feel if I actually acknowledge my accomplishments and celebrated them. I can tell you, I would probably would be less stressed for sure. I would probably enjoy everyday life a little more as well. With the crazy year and a half we had, maybe taking a pause and enjoying the moment is truly what is needed. While I would love to start a new venture or projects, relaxation seems like something is much needed. Some TLC as one may say. Going on a road trip with your friends or starting that hobby you have always wanted to try. Maybe picking a book you have always wanted to read. Finding something that brings you joy is key right now after the year we have had. This does not mean we should just live in a fantasy world for the rest of our lives. I am saying we just need a moment to relax and to enjoy the moment. Everyone’s circumstances are different. When I graduated with my undergraduate degree I needed to have a job right when I graduated. I needed to make money as soon as I could. I did not get the chance to celebrate and relax. However, I made sure that I took time off when I could to relax and enjoy my accomplishments. It was not ideal, but it was the best I could do. Do what works best for you but remember to not neglect yourself. Celebrate your accomplishments no matter how big or small they are!

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