Boss Bitch Moves in 12 Easy Steps

Another year has come and gone and I am honestly speechless. It’s hard to reflect on a year when it has been anything but usual. One thing that has been probably the only consistency I’ve had in 2021 is my job. As so many have gone through so many changes when it comes to employment, mine has barely changed. Besides, the fact of working through the entirety of a pandemic. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make improvement or changes in my professional life. 2016 was one of the hardest years for myself professionally. I was extremely young and put in a leadership position that I was extremely green for. Did I think I could do the job…yes! Did I know where to begin….NO! That’s when I went to Barnes and Nobles! Let me tell you… Barnes and Nobles honestly holds all the answers to all your problems! I started to browse my favorite section…personal development. That’s when this bright yellow book caught my eye! The title of the book was Boss Bitch by Nicole Lapin. I read the inside sleeves and back where she gave a short insight on her background and the way she navigated herself to get where she wanted to go. I was automatically invested in learning more about her story and getting some direction on how I can get control back of my own career. I read the book in just two days! I took extensive notes throughout the book. I started to implement little tips and trick Lapin offered in her book to my everyday work life. Let me tel you…the possibilities became endless for me. I was offered numerous advancements in my career. I was asked to lead roll outs and test new operational procedures. This book gave me not only confidence but the tools I needed to be successful in my career. I have been able to be promoted over five times since reading this book. This book is worth every penny!

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